Why Buy Accident Forgiveness

Many car insurance providers offers the so called “accident forgiveness” feature.  As the name suggests, the policyholder will not have the insurance costs increased after an accident, if she or he buys this feature. Some companies include this feature in their package, while others sell it separately. Nevertheless, you should consider this option, especially if you drive an expensive car.  Find out more about why you should by accident forgiveness. Also, check our website and get free online auto insurance quotes!

Traffic-Violations-and-Tickets-from-PoliceIn some cases, you will not even have to pay for this bonus and you will be automatically fitted with this bonus upon next renewal. For example, many companies promote this bonus for new customers. It is a marketing strategy which proves to be very effective. Also, persons with no claims or loyal customers can easily qualify for this feature, sometimes even just by asking for it.  Clean driving record is a requirement for this feature.  Terms and conditions vary between providers, but they all ask clean driving records.

Accident forgiveness activates when you have the first accident.  The company will not raise the premiums and will dismiss any repercussion of your first claim. It is important to notify the insurance company about the accident, no matter if you were or not the guilty driver.

The details for each accident forgiveness program vary depending on insurer. For example, one carrier may forgive you once, while other may forgive all the claims and accidents you make within a specified timeframe (usually 1-3 years).  It is important to read the document carefully and ask questions before making any decision. Accident forgiveness programs can be really useful, but always make an educated choice. Gather as much info as possible and ask insurance representatives about the pros and cons for this feature.

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