What To Do If You Get Your Stolen Car Back, But You Already Got Insurance Money

Car theft is a common thing all over the world, not only in the United States. Each year, tens of thousands of cars are stolen.  In order to financially recover from this unpleasant event, it is wise to purchase comprehensive auto insurance.  Tracking and recovering a stolen car may take months, even years.  And by the time you have recovered the car, you already cashed in the policy. Recovering a car after you have got the money is a delicate matter. Find out what to do and get quote for cheap auto insurance company from our website.

# images (9)There are few scenarios that are possible.  The company will settle the claim and pay for the value of the car, minus the value of any deductible. If the vehicle turns up again, you must inform the insurer. In most of cases, the company will state that now they own the original property, since they’ve paid for it. Things that were in the car when stolen and claimed will also be considered insurer’s property when the car turns up. If you want them back, you should discuss with the insurance company.  During the call, talk about car delivery and if it is possible to buy the car back from the insurer. After all things are settled, the company will send a salvage crew to pick up the vehicle.

There are also cases when the company decides that the value of the recovered car is not worth their time.  This usually happens to older or damaged cars. So, you can end up keeping everything. But it is important to notify the insurer about recovering the stolen car, otherwise you can end up being accused of fraud and face jail time.

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