Steps For Negotiating With A Claim Adjuster

After an accident, a claim adjuster will be dispatched to investigate the case and settle a claim. Find out how to negotiate with the adjuster. Also, if you are interested in buying more coverage, get an online auto insurance quote and compare prices.

  1. # collision-coverage-claimDecide to a minimum settlement. Before discussing your claims with an auto insurance adjuster, have a minimum settlement sum in your mind. The minimum figure is for you and you should not disclose it to the claims adjuster. This prevents you from making a rushed decision if the auto insurance adjuster gives you a “take it or leave it” option. You don’t want to make a decision that you end up regretting later.
  2. Wait for the first offer. If the adjuster starts off the negotiation near your minimum settlement, then you know it has more money to negotiate with. Raise your settlement minimum amount up to a new minimum amount that you would be willing to accept.
  3. Never accept the first offer. It is a well-known practice that the auto insurance adjuster will intentionally give his or her lowest settlement offer first. This is to see if you really know what your claim is worth and how desperate you are to settle your claim quickly. The insurance adjuster always has more money to negotiate with.
  4. Ask explanations for the low offer. If the first offer is way too low, ask the insurance claim adjuster to justify the reasons for giving you such a low settlement. Take notes of these explanations. If the adjuster made a good point that you over looked, then you should slightly lower your claim.
  5. Slowly decrease your settlement. Decreasing your claim between 10%-20% is a good range. This will show that you are willing to negotiate.

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