How To Avoid Car Insurance Scams

Car insurance frauds cost billions of dollars yearly. Manipulative and clever scammers can easily stage accidents or counterfeit documents, in order to take your money, via an insurance claim. Knowing how to spot a claim and avoid financing the fraudsters is necessary nowadays. To find out more, read out blog. Also, if you want to be informed about car insurance and get online car insurance quotes free, check our website.

Car-Insurance-Quotes-ScamsThe staged collision is the most common and widespread insurance scam. It’s diversity and complexity varies widely, from an apparent innocent biker who suddenly stops in front of a car, to a really complex scheme involving multiple cars, multiple fraudsters as witnesses and crooked lawyers and doctors. As you can imagine, the second option is used when the charlatans target rich persons and want to squeeze as much money as possible. Spot the following red-flags if you something similar happens to you:

  • A stranger at the scene refers you to a doctor, lawyer, or repair shop
  • A physician (either one you were referred to or the other party’s) pressures you to file a personal injury claim though you aren’t hurt
  • A tow truck appears without being called

If these happen after you got in a collision with a driver that slew down, wait for authorities and do not fill in anything.

You should also pay attention to your airbags when you change or repair them to a repair shop. There are many mechanics who replace the original ones with faulty models.  And they bill the insurance company for the original ones.  Avoid this scam by replacing and repairing the airbag to certified mechanics. After the airbag was installed, you can also bring the car to another certified mechanic, just to double check it.

Phantom victims are also a cause why insurance companies pay so much on claims. Fraudsters fill in claims including people who were not injured or were not even at the accident scene. Document as much as possible after an accident and count the number of passengers. Take pictures of the people involved and exchange info with all of them.

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