How Long Will DUI Influence Your Car Insurance Rates?

Being convicted for DUI or DWI has tremendous unpleasant consequences. Besides paying fines and facing trial, you will also pay more for car insurance. DUI convicts are automatically considered high risk drivers by car insurance providers.  And this red mark is likely to stay on your records for a long period of time. But for how long will it stay?  Find out how long will DUI influence your car insurance rates and always consider the option of finding a more tolerant carrier.  Get free quotes and find the best car insurance company for your situation.

Highway Patrol Police Car Next to Alcoholic Drink and Key

Highway Patrol Police Car Next to Alcoholic Drink and Key

Having DUI violations on your records will make it harder and more expensive to get car insurance. But it is not impossible. Many insurance companies have even created policies for “DUI drivers” and there are many other non-standard carriers which are able to provide coverage for high-risk drivers.

The bad news is that such auto insurance is likely to cost up to 5 times as much as a regular policy in fact. You will also be required to sign an SR-22, which is a ‘proof of financial responsibility’ form. This states that the driver has purchased the necessary amount of liability insurance for their given state. While ever driver needs to have this level of cover, it is only drivers with DUIs that are required to file the SR-22.

Ant the main question: for how long will the DUI violation be visible for your insurer? Your DUI will usually drop off of your driving record after 3-7 years. However, the infraction will probably stay on your criminal record permanently. After 3-7 years, the DUI should no longer affect your insurance rates. If it still affects the rates, then you may need to look into having the violation expunged or listed under your sealed records.

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