Best Auto Insurance Plans For A New Driver

If you have just bought a car, you must understand that you are also responsible for what is happening to your car, especially making sure you have properly insured it. The law forbids you to drive a car without insuring it and even more, in many cases you cannot buy the car without proving the dealer you will insure it.  So, you should be acquainted with the insurance market and get auto insurance quotes online in order to find the best auto insurance plans for a new driver.

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But first, you must meet the minimum legal requirements.  Check those minimum coverage limits by simply asking the local Insurance Department. They will tell you what you have to buy. So, liability auto insurance is the first plan you have to buy. Also, check if you also have to buy uninsured motorist auto insurance. There are states that require it by law.

But if you want to extend the minimum coverage and you are a new driver, you should always opt for collision auto insurance. Since you are new and inexperienced the likelihood of being involved in accidents increases dramatically.  We recommend you buying this policy in order to protect all your valuable assets. This is a no-fault policy, meaning that the company will reimburse the insured, no matter who caused the accident.  Moreover, you will be reimbursed for any type of collision, no matter if you hit a tree, fence or another car. Plus, if also reimburses if you manage to flip the car.

If you have sufficient health insurance, then you should not buy PIP. But if you do not have enough to cover the typical expenses of an accident, we strongly recommend you to purchase it. Check the prices online via free car insurance quotes.

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